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Professional Classic Massage in English at Helsinki, Töölö!

Welcome to Hierontapalvelu PARANE, Helsinki Töölö!


Looking for a professional massage therapist who understands and speaks fluent English? Welcome to Hierontapalvelu PARANE! My name is Erika Hinn. I am a 32 year old Finnish massage therapist, in Helsinki Töölö. As a child I lived with my family in Washington DC, USA, where I learned to speak and understand English fluently. After moving back to Finland I went to Kulosaaren Yhteiskoulu for middle school, where I continued my studies in English also. Since then I have kept my English up by reading books alot in English and I have many friends who I speak English with almost daily!

So customer service in English is not a problem for me! I specialize in Classical Massage. And I am a certified massage therapist. The name of my massage business PARANE means “get better” or “get healthy”. Good customer service is very important for me. When giving a client massage theraphy, I want my client to feel comfortable and secure knowing that they are getting professional care and can trust me as their massage therapist. For that to happen, good communication between me and my client is the key.

How to contact me & book a massage appointment.

You can contact me on my cell phone by calling or texting me : 045 226 1811

By e-mail:

Facebook :

To book an appointment online :


Sincerely: Professional Massage therapist Erika Hinn

Hierontapalvelu PARANE

Mannerheimintie 69 B 39, 00250 Helsinki Finland, Taka-Töölö

(Free costumer parking and excellent public transportation!)

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